Unique and available only from BWT


Patented magnesium technology, for the perfect taste



With BWT your tap water becomes a unique taste experience. Added magnesium maintains the balance of the water’s mineral content, resulting in an almost neutral pH-value, which, according to connoisseurs of high-quality mineral water, feels soft and is particularly pleasant to taste.




A smart way of meeting our magnesium requirement.




Produces an almost neutral pH-value  ̶  

ensuring fresh, well-balanced water.




Magnesium is a flavour carrier. Perfect for tea,

coffee and everyday drinking.

Benefits of magnesium




Mineralised water direct from the tap

Wherever you are ̶ at home, in the workplace or in schools ̶ you can turn your tap water into the most delicious, healthy drinking water. This therefore makes bottled water and large-capacity water dispensers unnecessary.


Feel relaxed all day

The Magnesium Mineralizer range not only makes things more convenient but also pampers your body with healthy, vitalising drinking water.


Smart decision

Magnesium-enriched filtered tap water helps avoid the expense of buying water bottles and large water containers, and eliminates the costs of handling and storage.


Living consciously for the environment

Using a BWT water dispenser or table water filter massively reduces the proliferation of plastic bottles. At the same time, many logistics kilometres are saved by having water available at ‘point of use’.


Effective limescale protection

Protects household appliances from limescale deposits.